Time to get rid of all those question marks we see on your forehead. Free? Really FREE? Why? What? How? Where? Who? Give us a few thousand characters, and you'll have all those answers.

Current homepage status....
We have received *overwhelming* response! We are going crazy!
All seriousness aside, we are trying to clean up our hard-drive now (removing our techie's dirty JPGs, for one). So we'll try to get the responses out ASAP. Please bear with us, and who knows, we might slip in a few extra KBs to them :-)

Is ApnaNet really free ?
YES -- no hidden costs, no strings attached; it is for free. But if you still choose to disbelieve us, no problem -- you can send us your address, and we'll come right away to collect those cheques!

Why is ApnaNet free?
Well, we never got freebies when we started off a few years ago, so we figured out maybe we could help others who have the same problem.

Well and good, but who the hell are you guys? In real life, I mean.
Just a couple of guys -- a few dropouts, a few managment wannabes -- all of us Net freaks! Does that answer your question, Mr. Mathew?

How do I get my home page on ApnaNet?
You start off by registering at ApnaNet under the right category (personal, business, educational, non-profit). Then you go about creating your home pages in HTML. As soon as you get your confirmation from us, you can upload your files to ApnaNet. We'll give you directions to help you take it from there.

How much space do I get on ApnaNet?
Personal pages and business web pages start off with 100K bytes. We'll help Non- Profit Organisations, and Educational Institutes in case they need more space.

Can I put up images? Java enabled pages? JavaScript? CGI scripts?
YES to all except the last. Our server is not a UNIX machine, which means that the CGIs that work on other servers won't work on ours. So till that little technicality is out of the way -- sorry no CGIs.

We'd like to help -- can we?
Sure guys -- help is always welcome. Zip an e-mail (with the subject : "Volunteer") across to us at Junta@Apnanet.com

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