It's Paaarrrtttyyy Time ! We're handing out freebies ! We've sifted through hundreds of sites on the Web, book - marked only those that are really free - no trial periods, no hidden costs, no fine print. So here's presenting the best of the free stuff available on the Web - Enjoy !!

Greeting Cards

Blue Mountain Cards

Animated Electronic Cards

The Digital Postcard

Electronic Greeting Cards

The Electric Postcard

Blueberry Post-a-card

Postcards from the Net - digital cards as e-mail attachments so no more going to Web pickup sites


Remind U-mail & On-Line Calendar - e-mail reminders of important events, and a web calendar.

Your Personal Calendar

Remind Me - email reminders

Net Faxes to other countries for free using the Net

The Phone Company - e-mail to fax facility

A.Word.A.Day (AWAD) mailing list of a vocabulary word and its to subscribers daily. They also have an anagram generator, a word puzzle, & Dictionary, Thesaurus & Acronym/by/Mail services

Main Sanitary Nag (Anagram Insanity) : go crazy with anagrams !

Monolith Internet Services gives you a simple URL for a long address.

Sweepstakes win a telescope, binoculars, & a camera

Link Encyclopedia free advertising of your home page for a day

WWWebster Dictionary

The Banner Generator make image banners for your web pages

Web Elements the Periodic table

TipWorld free tips by e-mail on Netscape, Explorer, Win95, Lotus, MSOffice, Mac & more …


the following are some of the most exhaustive free compilations on the Net - you may get lost in them !

Yahoo !

The Weekly Freebie Compilation!!!

Tabitha's Freebie Pages

FREE-way - a fantastic list of free samples, services, CD-ROMs, contests, and catalogues


useful free stuff for your home pages

Buttons, Icons, and such

GIF Animation Gallery

The Free Graphics Store

Stay tuned for more stuff…
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