Date: Tue, 11 Feb 97 08:01:58 EST 

From: System Priviledged Account

To: all-users@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in

Subject: Message From Director(Operations), VSNL

                                          10th February, 1997

Dear Internet Users,

        We would like to thank you for your continued feedback 

on the Internet services and your suggestions for improvement.  

We would like to assure you that VSNL is carefully examining

and attempting to implement all such suggestions which are


        In view of the difficulties faced by some customers in 

using Internet and completing 500 hours within one year time 

period, VSNL is extending the accounts of all the users which 

are now expiring till 31st March, 1997.  Those users who have 

already renewed their accounts would not be influenced by the 

above announcement.

2.      VSNL is further proposing major changes in the tariff 

for the Internet services which will come into effect from

1st April, 1997.

        The overall tariff for both terminal dial-up and TCP/IP

services will be split into two components:

(a)     An annual account maintenance charge

(b)     An hourly usage charge to be billed quarterly in 


Item                    TCP/IP     Terminal Dial-up  Student A/c

-----                   ------     ----------------  -----------

Annual account          Rs 6,000/-    Rs.3,000/-      Rs.500/-

maintenance charge

Hourly usage charges)  Rs.   30/-    Rs.   15/-        Rs.  5/-

        All accounts will be synchronized as on 1st April.

Subscribers who open accounts during the year will be charged 

proportionately for the months remaining till April.

        As the billing is in arrears, a security deposit will

be taken as advance rental for usage.  It is proposed that the

overall charging of structure be as follows:

        Registration charge:    


        TCP/IP                  : Rs.  500/-

        Terminal Dial-up        : Rs.  500/-

        Student                 : Rs.   50/-

        Security Deposit (Refundable, non-interest bearing):


        TCP/IP                  : Rs.5,000/-

        Terminal Dial-up        : Rs.2,000/-

        Student                 : Rs.  500/-


Item                    TCP/IP     Terminal Dial-up  Student A/c

-----                   ------     ----------------  -----------

Annual account          Rs.6,000/-    Rs.3,000/-        Rs.500/-

maintenance charge

Hourly usage charge

(to be billed 

quarterly in arrears)   Rs.   30/-    Rs.   15/-        Rs.  5/-

3.      Tariff for leased line services:

        The tariff for leased line services will also be

reduced from Rs. 12 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs for 64 Kbps.  Similar

discount of 20% would be available on higher speeds as well.

VSNL would look forward to receiving any further comments and

suggestions which you might have on tariffs.

        Please send your response to the following E-Mail address:


                                              AMITABH KUMAR


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