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This page will list for FREE, all those small things you need to buy 'n sell to the rest of the Cyberians from almost anywhere.

Make sure you clearly state what you have to exchange, sell, or buy, and what you expect in return. Also, don't forget that all important e-mail address and/or telephone number. Including the city you live in will also help people know how far you physically are. Keep those e-mails coming in to Junta@Apnanet.com

Dear folks,
I live at Bangalore Ph 8396741 extn 2471 (STD CODE 080)
I am looking for:
  1. A secondhand (perfectly working) P60 or 75 motherboard for around 3 to 4 K.
  2. a Good condition Fiat/Maruti with life taxpaid for around 50-55K
Please contact Dr Lavanian at the above tele no or email lavi@bitsmart.com

Dear Apnanet,
I live in Bombay, and I want to advertise the sale of my CDs :

  1. Oova Oova by Anaida ,and
  2. "Now that's what i call music -1"
    for Rs. 600/-
E - mail Karlton at karlton@cyberspace.org

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